Dear Gossips,

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell were married on Tuesday. Her rep confirms that she wore Carolina Herrera and that it was a small ceremony. It’s unlikely that Bell will ME ME ME himself all over his wife’s head on a magazine cover. Quite the opposite, in fact. It was probably all about her. For Jamie Bell, it’s always been all about her. He was devastated when they broke up. And he waited it out through the Manson stage in her life. It’s a really sweet story.

What’s the significance of October 30? Maybe it’s a private memory for them, no idea. But I wonder if it’s feng shui or numerology or whatever. Jacek and I will celebrate 11 years of marriage tomorrow. We married on a Friday. My ma told us to. We weren’t planning on it for another year but she got all bossy about it one night because a date that auspicious given each of our Chinese zodiac details doesn’t come around so often.

Some will roll their eyes. Why do you bother with all that nonsense? I know a couple, they didn’t bother with all that nonsense, even though they were specifically told that the day they’d chosen for their wedding was very, very unlucky, they went ahead anyway and divorced after 6 weeks. Feng shui date planning should be part of a wedding package. That might already be a business idea. Beware the charlatans though.

Yours in gossip,