Dear Gossips,

The big movie release this month is Catching Fire. There was a time however that November belonged to the Harry Potter movies. The first and second films in the franchise came out in November. Out of the series of 8, a total of 4 of them were November opens. So I associate November with Harry Potter, and London too, since I was sent there for junketing several years in a row, both for the theatrical releases and the DVD launches.

It felt right then to see these pictures of JK Rowling with Emma Watson this November at a fundraiser for Lumos on Saturday at the Warner Bros Harry Potter Tour. The event raised over a million pounds in support of orphans around the world. You know who else was there?


And Emma tweeted a photo of herself from the gala standing in front of Hermione with the caption “Still got it”. I want to go back there. Back to a time when the last book was just as good as the first book, and the conclusion fulfills the promise of the beginning. Oh…Allegiant. We’ll get to Allegiant soon. But it’s a big week ahead. And I have some news to share. Although Miley’s smoking weed in Amsterdam and The Chairman, George Clooney, is making Statements. These are the priorities. Something wicked this way comes!

Yours in gossip,