Dear Gossips,

The INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair begins on Thursday this week and runs through the weekend. If you’re in town, if you love reading, if you love writing, you should go. Here are some of the authors who will be featured – and these are major names:

- Margaret Atwood
- Kathy Reichs (I was really into her Tempe Brennan books for a few years there)
- Sylvia Day (Bared To You is way hornier and way better than Fifty Shades Of Grey)
- William Gibson, representing West Coast Canada and, I’ve heard, has been known to mix nerd with gossip – sexy combination
- Anne Rice
- Lev Grossman (have you finished off The Magicians series yet?)

On Friday afternoon, I will be moderating a panel called I Don’t Give A Damsel: Writing Strong Young Women at INSPIRE! featuring bestselling authors Gayle Forman, E Lockhart, Sarah Mylnowski, and Meg Wolitzer. As you know, I crusade for the YA genre. Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give You The Sun has been my favourite book this year, as good as any book in any classification and as beautifully and skillfully written as any “adult” literature that people seem to take more seriously because, I dunno, mid-life is more profound than start-life. Says who?

Click here for more information on INSPIRE! Hope to see you there.

Yours in gossip,