Dear Gossips,

I don’t watch Sons Of Anarchy anymore. For a variety of reasons, one of them being that the sex to violence ratio has become too heavily favoured on the violence side. But I’ve heard that Charlie Hunnam finally got down to f-ck on last night’s episode. Sh-t. I’m going to have to find that.

Charlie, Kurt Sutter, and the cast were on Conan last night to promote the final few episodes of the series. Charlie talked about how he gets propositioned often and Jax Teller’s “cool factor” for men. See, I hate the Jax character. He looks good, sure. But all he ever does is screw up. That isn’t sexy to me. Charlie Hunnam in real life on the other hand…

And when he’s talking about hand jacuzzis…

I was REALLY, REALLY excited when that story started. He begins with “when you’re in the shower” and that visual alone had my fingers ready. Then it goes to a place where, well, that just wasn’t the place I was hoping for.

Still. God. GOD, he is hot. Here’s another shot from his Men’s Health interview. At first I thought that was a pair of women’s underwear in his hands. Click here for more from Men’s Health.

Yours in gossip,