Dear Gossips,

I keep loving Emma Stone more and more. So much that I almost want her to do something medium annoying, just to manage expectations, like a pause in her ascent, to prevent the hasty and inevitable opposite that happens to all of them who become too popular, too perfect. But I don’t want Emma to fall. At least not yet. Right now Emma is just right.  Wasn’t she just right and great on Saturday Night Live? Wasn’t she one of the stronger hosts you’ve seen recently? Didn’t she hold her own among the veterans? How cute was she with Andrew Garfield? How cute was he when he was, um, awkward dork clapping at the very end during her farewell? How much do I love them together? A lot. But mostly I just love her. And so does everyone else in that business. They all want to work with her, they all want to represent her, they all want to find projects for her, Emma is as hot as it gets in the business right now. Which, as it goes in these parts, means you’ll start hating her by Christmas, and by the time the Oscars come around, your eyes will be rage-bulging every time she hits a carpet.

But can we make an exception for her? Please?

It’ll be a full column today with multiple show recaps from Duana and Sarah and Sasha’s advice posts in LifeStyle along with new posts on Mandy Moore’s red shoes and Pink so pretty, and then later on... time for an annual LaineyGossip feature, one of my favourites. Please check back often.

Yours in gossip,