Dear Gossips,

The American Music Awards taught me that it’s the season of the hammer pant, again. Or at least it’s  trying to be. Hammer pants are really comfortable, OK? I could get down with the hammer pants on comfort. But the moment Justin Bieber dragged his mother up on stage? Track that moment in 15 years when a new class of child star is introduced, encouraged to “live the dream” by a new class of momager inspired by Pattie Mallette.

We’re not going heavy on the AMAs today. We’ll cover a few of the majors and the rest will be posted directly to LifeStyle. The best part of the show, for me anyway, was the flashback. Like the ‘NSync flashback for Bye Bye Bye and the Wade Robson era which, please, don’t tell me you don’t miss it. Even they miss it. They miss it so much they also flashed-back a Britney-Justin AMA classic memory. He will never escape her, you know. It’s my favourite thing about him: that he used to love her when he was young. People should tell him that more often.

Yours in gossip,