Dear Gossips,


Thoroughly enjoyed the Country Music Awards last night. Downloaded half the songs performed live, including Little Big Town’s Pontoon which I’d never heard of before. WHAT? True. And that’s one of the objectives of the show -- to try and take country music to a wider audience. On that level, at my house, it succeeded.

As for the standard of the show itself, I was more into the CMAs than I was the Emmys and the VMAs and not even in spite of Country Bitch hosting. Country Bitch and Brad Paisley did a good job. They went there with the Taylor Swift in the opening, did you see? The camera did not cut to Taylor’s face, unfortunately, which, I mean is that just a junior/timid director or was that an edict from her people to the show producers...? Whatever. The front rows were laughing. If that had happened at the Oscars or at the Globes, they would not be laughing. Actors take themselves WAY too seriously. people like to grudge in public...?

It’s been a while since a 3 hour award show didn’t feel like work. Jacek and I were building an Ikea bed together and having the show on made the process a lot more bearable while we repeatedly looped slat after slat into thin ropes and tried to jam them into rubber stoppers. Starting today with a CMA wrap and then we’ll get to the rest including, yes, by request, those Robert Pattinson photos.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,