Dear Gossips,

“You proceed at your own peril”, is what Bill Cosby’s lawyer wrote to Buzzfeed after they reported on Janice Dickinson’s allegations against him which, IN MY OPINION, sound a lot like the allegations a lot of other women are making against Dr Huxtable.

In offering my opinion, have I put myself in peril?

I’m worried, for serious.

That’s why they write these letters, isn’t it? That’s why they come raging out of the gate with $50 million lawsuit threats: it’s meant to silence. The victims first…and then the media, which, in this case, and in many recent cases, can be the victims’ asset. As we know, victims don’t typically have assets. Bill Cosby has enough assets to settle cases and hire very aggressive attorneys.

Sure. That seems fair.

Yours in gossip,


PS. The Chinese words on his sweatshirt in this photo read “Your Good Friend”.