Dear Gossips,

Barbara Walters has announced 7 of the 10 Most Fascinating on her list this year. She’ll reveal all on 12-12-12. Ben Affleck I get, because Barbara loves flirting with him. And hopefully she’ll ask him about Jennifer Lopez because while he’s been namechecking her in almost every print interview, I’d like to see how that goes down on camera. But ... Seth Macfarlane? Barbara Walters and Seth Macfarlane?

Imagine Barbara’s face watching this scene from Ted:

Frank: You think you got what it takes?
Ted: tell you what I got. Your wife's pussy on my breath.
Frank: Nobody's ever spoken to me like that before.
Ted:That's because their mouths were full of your wife's box.
Frank: You're hired.
Ted: Sh-t.

Other fascinating people include Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, One Direction, Gabrielle Douglas, and the author of Fifty Shades Of Grey.

So who are the remaining 3? Come on, if E L James made it, don’t you think Honey Boo Boo deserves a shot too?

Yours in gossip,