Dear Gossips,

So the American Music Awards. And Celine. And Alanis. Both sounded amazing. Definitely two of the highlights. There were some notable presenters too. I enjoy the new, much more congenial Harrison Ford. Like, he was never at Tommy Lee Jones levels of grumpy but this current attitude – playful and light – is definitely refreshing.


Did the show need to be three hours when, let’s be real, there was no Beyonce, no Rihanna, no Taylor Swift, no Katy Perry, and when they kept saying the biggest stars in music where there, but Adele, who’s currently dominating music, was loudly absent?

What is the value of the American Music Awards when a large majority of the cameras cutaways showed regular people, random fans, and I Can’t Ariana Grande’s f-cking brother?

I judge an award show by the quality of the front row and the people available for reaction shots. Last night at the AMAs, there wasn’t much to see. As for the actual awards – everyone who won was present and accounted for. So this is what the American Music Awards have become? Basically the People’s Choice Awards: meaningless. If you show up, we’ll give you something! Please check LifeStyle for additional fashion commentary.

Yours in gossip,