Dear Gossips,

Yesterday I posted an article about Brange smoking on a balcony in Australia and the Photo Assumption on the situation was that they were having an argument. Click here for a refresher. Thank you for your emails and tweets in response to the story.

Those of you who do not think they were fighting unanimously posited that they were actually rehearsing a scene together from their film By The Sea. It’s a good theory. But…what if By The Sea had already wrapped before they went to Sydney for the Unbroken premiere? According to this release, principal photography was done November 16, the day before Brange walked the carpet together.

Couples argue. It doesn’t mean bad things will happen. My point however is that these two are usually more careful, especially given the timing of an Oscar campaign. Curiously those images were published in Australia only. So far we’ve not seen them anywhere else and they’re over a week old. Exclusives don’t typically last that long, not when a photographer can make money on the shots somewhere else. Nothing yet though in the Daily Mail (they’d usually be all over this) and nothing in American tabloids. Holding for a big splash after US Thanksgiving? Or does Brange have enough power to block the spread of these images?

UPDATE: IN TOUCH WEEKLY now has the balcony fighting photos, just in time for Thanksgiving reading.

Yours in gossip,