Dear Gossips,

One way or another, it comes back to being a child star. And we’ll only see more of them. More Lindsay Lohans. More Ariel Winters. More Angus T Joneses. More kids who spend more time on set than they do at school, earning more money than most. Is it surprising then that after all these years, without the opportunity to become a real person with real experiences, he would be so vulnerable to religious zealots?

What you don’t see until later is all that rejection. Because it doesn’t happen often, getting the network TV job on your first time. The network TV job comes after many, many auditions, and many, many turnaways. That’s an 8 year old being told she’s too tall, short, fat, thin, cute, mature, freckled, unfreckled, mousy, pretty -- in other words not right. You are not right, over and over and over again. And oftentimes they do it together, with the parents. So that when they don’t get the part, it becomes a matter of “WE didn’t get it this time” or “WE weren’t good enough this time” and “it’s not time for US yet, but this is what WE were meant do”. The family team wins - and fails - on kid shoulders.

Can you imagine what all that sh-t might look like when it surfaces in adolescence or young adulthood? Well, you don’t have to. It’s playing out right now. It’ll keep playing out as we wait for Hashtag Jameson to grow up and fulfill her destiny.

Yours in gossip,