Dear Gossips,

I don’t miss Nathan. At all. It’s been 5 episodes now of Misfits Season 3 and, well, I can barely remember him. There are two reasons for this: Howard Overman’s awesome skill, obviously, and also, Nathan had run his course. I’m telling you, he was a one-dimensional character. Click here for my initial thoughts on his departure. At the time I argued that it would all work out. Not only has it worked out, I think Misfits is actually BETTER for it.

You know what else is great about Misfits? Nothing I’ve just written will spoil the show for you if you’re not already watching. So whyyyyyyyyyy aren’t you watching? Start on YouTube. Do it over the holidays when your annoying relatives are in the other room being annoying. I promise you won’t be able to stop.  

Due to pre-holiday distraction last month I missed the memo that the New York Film Critics Circle wants to blow its load sooner than the NBR this year and will be voting on and then announcing its 2011 award winners today. But it was actually supposed to be yesterday. They pushed it back a day because they had to screen, oh, a little movie called The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

So can Rooney Mara live up to all that hype?

Everyone’s been leaving a spot for her in the Best Actress nomination category just in case she’s a revelation even though they haven’t seen it yet. We’ll have a better idea later on.
The Weekly LiveBlog has been pushed back to tomorrow as I’m flying to Calgary today.

Yours in gossip,