Dear Gossips,

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It’s tabloid Wednesday. And how are they following up Thanksgiving at the supermarket newsstand? Well, PEOPLE and Us Weekly are fighting each other with reality show stars. PEOPLE’s new cover features someone I’ve never heard of (for real, I went to their website today, looked at the photo and the name beside it and had no idea) to counter Us Weekly’s exclusive about a pregnant Kardashian.

You groan, sure. But, much to Daniel Craig’s chagrin, this sh-t, it sells. A magazine is a business. They wouldn’t keep going back there if they didn’t keep seeing a pay-off, and a big one at that. So if I don’t care about the Kardashians, does that mean I’m in the minority? I don’t want to be in the minority! I want to continue to not care. I want not caring to be the 99%.

SJP’s a snowflake and Uma Thurman’s breasts are featured in LifeStyle today. I might be able to get to that bra you’ve been asking about later too. And later on, Sasha’s INTO IT and more.

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