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Spotlight premiered in Hollywood last night ahead of its theatrical release on Friday. Sarah and I screened it at TIFF and it was our #1 pick of the festival – click here to read her review. There is no doubt that Spotlight should and will contend at the Oscars.

As you probably know, Spotlight is about The Boston Globe’s award-winning coverage of the Catholic Church child abuse cover-up and conspiracy, a testament to the virtue of investigative journalism. It’s about the importance of telling the right story. And it’s about how we often choose not to know the true story when the truth conflicts with tradition. Our own traditions. The traditions that raised us. Traditions that we can’t laugh off as science fiction, traditions we can’t call cults fronted by big toothed fist pumpy movie stars.

Yesterday The Boston Globe reviewed Spotlight, which is about The Boston Globe. Super meta but still a great read. This is my favourite part of the piece:

And “Spotlight” makes the sharp, sobering point that it took an outsider […] to notice what the locals didn’t, or couldn’t, or maybe even wouldn’t, and that the Globe had more than one chance to open an investigation years earlier than it did. The movie paints this as the regrettable bureaucratic oversight of a hectic workplace. It’s also true that people are flawed and that institutions thrive by not making waves. Until something changes, and they do.

Institutions thrive by not making waves. How many times a day is that your reality?

Click here to read the full article.

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