Dear Gossips,

Since many of you have asked, here are my thoughts on Eminem’s Saturday Night Live performance. His rep insists he was not lip-synching. Rather, he “doubles his vocals live. Rhymes over a vocal track." I dunno man, that’s pretty weak.

Like, if you’re out hustling a new album and one of those songs on that album is about you being a RAP GOD, I don’t want to hear excuses about rapping over a vocal track. Can you go live or can you not go live? If you can’t go live, don’t call yourself a Rap God. Call yourself Rap Sophomore. Call yourself Rap Middle Management. Call yourself Rap Assistant God. But a Rap God, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t using a vocal track when Miley f-cking Cyrus didn’t need one, Jesus.

Am I fickle? Overly critical? Sure. Especially since I’ve said before that he’s my Daylight. But if there’s ONE THING he should totally crush, like completely DESTROY, shouldn’t it be live performance?  

Yours in gossip,