Dear Gossips,

Pretty excited about this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly with Eddie Redmayne on the cover as Newt Scamander in a feature about Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. At the same time, I’m not sure I want to read it.

As you know, Fantastic Beasts is a prequel to the Harry Potter series. Newt is a wizard who specialised in magical animals. At some point he finds himself in New York because… stop.

I might need to stop.

The great thing about the books is that they were books first. So there was no magazine or tv interview telling you the story. You only knew the story from the actual story. In this case, well, the story will be the movie. So I think I need to go into the movie as blank as possible, almost pure. Is that even achievable anymore though?

When Joanna sent this cover over to me yesterday my first reaction was that Eddie as Newt basically dresses like Eddie. Like if he showed up at an event wearing this costume I’d be like, oh hey, there’s Eddie Redmayne.

To see more photos and get more details about the movie, click here. Do you really want to though?

Yours in gossip,