Dear Gossips,

There is no better gossip story right now than the one we have here in Toronto starring the city’s crack-smoking mayor. Every day for the past week, I wake up and it’s like Christmas. This man is a gift! He is spectacular. And there’s Hollywood all over it.

Yesterday Ford addressed reporters at City Hall twice. The first time he recreated a scene right out of Notting Hill. You remember at the end of the movie, when Hugh Grant races to the hotel for Julia Roberts’s press conference? After he declares his love for her, Julia prompts one of the reporters, who’d previously asked her how long she was planning on staying in England, to ask his question again.

It was sort of the same, only Mayor Ford is maybe slightly less enjoyable to look at. With his chest puffed out and his chin defiantly raised, Ford demanded to be asked the question: are you a crackhead? (I’m paraphrasing.) The answer: yes, but only because I was in a drunken stupor.

Then he retreated back into his office only to re-emerge hours later to apologise, forgive himself, and then pretty much exonerate himself – in 5 short minutes. Ford refused to resign and instead announced that he will run for re-election. He talked about how he feels so much better now that he’s admitted to smoking crack and that, because it’s been such a relief FOR HIM, to have revealed the truth, he’s now found new purpose and determination in doing his job. Shades of Mariah Carey!

It’s exactly the kind of crazy sh-t that Olivia Pope would engineer. And it works! Dylan was in a taxi yesterday and his cabbie was all about Rob Ford. Our inbox at The Social was inundated with Rob Ford support. There are a lot of people who will vote again for Rob Ford. Because he refuses to go down? Because he will fight to the end? Gladiator styles? Look, if you think that’s absurd, consider that Chris Brown beat the sh-t out of his girlfriend, demonstrated virtually no remorse for it, and went on to win a Grammy.

Rob Ford dominated UK and US news outlets and late night television last night. Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert led with Rob Ford. Almost every talk show was all over it. The people of Toronto have given the world a superstar. This is where I live now.

Yours in gossip,