Dear Gossips,

Everyone’s talking about Lindsay Lohan in Entertainment Weekly’s now annual reunions issue featuring Mean Girls (and more). F-ck Lindsay Lohan. Regina George is there.

Let’s play Photo Assumption on Rachel McAdams’s smile in the first shot I’ve attached below. She’s the sweetest, most polite, the loveliest ever. So of course she’s participating, trying her best. But there’s a little “how much longer do I have to be around Lindsay Lohan?” in that expression, non?

Click here to read the EW interview with the Mean Girls cast. My favourite is when Tina talks about how she and Amy Poehler tried to make sense of what Lindsay was telling them about why she hated Hilary Duff and they couldn’t understand. It was over Aaron Carter. Of course they couldn’t understand.

You know what’s been overlooked though? With Ghostbusters on the cover and the Mean Girls back together, some of the other reunions haven’t been getting the play they deserve. Like…

The Fabulous Baker Boys!

Check out Michelle Pfeiffer sandwiched by the Bridges brothers in tuxes, posing in a kitchen. It’s gorgeous and perfect and she is still and always Susie Diamond.

Click here to see more EW reunion portraits.

Yours in gossip,