Dear Gossips,

Adele. But who else am I going to talk about?

Adele hasn’t performed on live television since the Oscars a couple of years ago where she won for Skyfall. To promote the new album, 25, Adele At The BBC hosted by Graham Norton will air on November 20 in the UK. A preview for the show was released yesterday, I’ve embedded below. Adele sounds great, obviously, and she also takes questions from the audience and talks about drunk tweeting.

In Canada, ETALK has the exclusive interview with Adele on November 20 and the rights to air Adele Live In London on November 25 at 8pm. My friend and colleague Danielle Graham, the co-host of ETALK, got the assignment. SO jealous. I need this album in my life a lot. I plan to spend part of Sunday looking out the window, pretending to be writing while procrastinating. Adele songs go well with a vanity montage.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,