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Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 7, 2012 14:57:13 November 7, 2012 14:57:13

Dear Gossips,

God we loved the Election Porn. Duana, Jacek, and I sat for hours on the couch last night, lined up in a row, fighting over CNN and ABC. Jacek can’t get enough of the stats, and the county by county breakdowns. While watching he’d tinker around on his laptop, creating his own “election hub”, providing us with his own projections based on...what, we’re still not exactly sure. Duana and I meanwhile wanted to stay locked on Diane Sawyer and the party that was happening, unintentionally, over at ABC. While Diane was tripping, Katie Couric was over at Twitter central doing Ryan Seacrest’s job from the Olympics. I mean, this is a woman who actually anchored a national news broadcast just a year ago, right? And all that over and above the candidates and the results themselves...

This is great theatre. And it got better, later and later. At one point I think Brian Williams turned to Savannah Guthrie and opened with, “ are a woman!” as an introduction, I think?, to a discussion about whether or not women made the difference in this election. And towards the end, when every single network, even FOX, had declared that the President had won but Mitt Romney had yet to concede, Wolf Blitzer and John King on CNN kept getting louder and louder -- “I JUST DON’T KNOW WHERE HE THINKS HE CAN FIND ANY MORE VOTES” -- almost as though they were trying to broadcast directly AT/FOR/TO Romney himself, like, dude!, would you just believe us, already???

Didn’t it look and feel like New Year’s Eve? Is the whole country tired today like it’s New Year’s Day?

Hey ladies! 

Tammy Baldwin.
Tammy Duckworth.
Mazie Hirono
Elizabeth Warren.


Yours in gossip,


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