Dear Gossips,

etalk sponsored the enRoute Film Festival Awards last night in Toronto, celebrating emerging talent in Canada, and I hosted the event to honour young filmmakers. Click here for more information about their work and the event. Since I hosted the presentation, I missed the Country Music Awards which I had such a great time watching last year, from start to finish (what’s up, Amy D?), because there’s a … looseness is the only word I can think of right now… to this show that’s missing from the other ones, even the Golden Globes. Is it because there’s a certain amount of “I don’t give a f-ck” that’s essential to the country spirit? In 2012, the CMAs happened just as Taylor Swift broke up with Conor Kennedy. (God, remember that?!) And Brad Paisley refused to kiss her ass about her love troubles. I wondered if he was allowed to be so irreverent this year. So far, from what I’ve seen so far… definitely not. At least not where Swift was concerned. Apparently the target has moved…onto Miley Cyrus. And Julianne Hough. I’ve attached the opening monologue here. All of Carrie Underwood’s other costume changes however will be getting their own post.

Yours in gossip,