Dear Gossips,

Those nude shots of Justin Bieber taken in Bora Bora, you remember? When they were released a lot of people, including celebrities, were like “violation of privacy!” and “leave him alone!” On The Social we talked about whether or not we should feel bad for Justin that that happened to him, the way we would feel bad if it had happened to a woman who’d been photographed this way. And whether or not there’s a double standard at play.

Of course there is. And the double standard favours men. Which is why I argued that you don’t have to feel bad for looking at shots of JB’s junk. Because shots of JB naked will never hurt JB’s career. Shots of JB naked will never be weaponised against him. In fact, they only helped him.

The best example of that so far happened on Ellen DeGeneres while she was interviewing him. And asking him about his dick being exposed. I’ve attached the video below. At the 1:00 mark, you’ll see, in the big screen behind them, Ellen brings up one of the nude JB photos. Like, she puts it on TV. On her afternoon talk show. Probably the biggest talk show on television right now. With the highest ratings.

You think he minded? Look at his face. You think he minded?

Also, do you think she got this picture for free?

Please. Paparazzi agencies don’t give pictures away for free. Especially not exclusives. And they certainly don’t give them away for free for television broadcast. In fact, they charge THE MOST for television broadcast. So, basically, they just got paid. Large.

If celebrities hate the paps so much, why are they financing them?

Yours in gossip,