Dear Gossips,

When I was 13, I could not wait to come home to my best friend Natasha after spending the summer in Hong Kong. We had 10 days before classes started and she was changing schools and it would never be the same again. “OMG we have to go see Dirty Dancing!” she said when I called her, like the minute I walked in the house. And we did. We saw it three times the first day. And three more times the next day. And we kept seeing it all week. We’d take the subway downtown, find as many opportunities to flirt with older boys as possible, see the same movie over and over again, obnoxiously recite all the lines out loud, go outside and flirt some more, then repeat the entire process. For days! You can do that when you’re 13 though. Because there really aren’t that many other things to do at 13, at least not when I was growing up. And then you grow up and there are more things to do and not enough time to do them; adults aren’t supposed to go to the same move over and over again. If I could be 13 again, I would be the same with Pitch Perfect.


Pitch Perfect is everything you loved about Bring It On and You Got Served and Stomp The Yard and Scream but about singing. And it’s still fun and funny even though, as a product of the snark and self-awareness generation, its self-consciousness is almost a character in the movie. Still, the great parts greatly outnumber the annoyingly indulgent ones. And, most importantly, the actors aren’t eyerolling their way through it; quite the opposite actually -- they look like they’re enjoying every minute. Genuine enthusiasm is infectious, even when it’s observed on delay and through a film reel.

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