Dear Gossips,

Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel won the box office this week. Initial projections came in around $22-25 million and, as of this writing on Sunday night, the total take for its North American debut ended up at $27 million and change with more overseas. The studio is not unhappy about this. At all. And it’s great for Hugh too who has (finally) opened a non-Wolverine feature. He deserves this. He deserves it so much more than the useless dickheads who win so much more often than he does.

It is a holiday here in Canada (for Thanksgiving). How was your weekend? How was your turkey? While other Canadians were eating bird, our feast consisted of suckling pig (at a Chinese wedding on Saturday), more pigskin (the edible kind) on Sunday, along with pig ear, duck feet, and liver too. This is why haggis doesn’t faze us. Am still trying to move to Scotland for a year.

Today’s column will be light(er) with appearances by Hot Harry on a Horse, Idris Elba, Gwyneth and Cameron, and Michael Fassbender, and a Supernatural exclusive. Am thankful for all of it. The blog will return to regular schedule tomorrow.

Yours in gossip,