Dear Gossips,

I can see!

I am also really mad at Duana because she’s gotten me full-blown addicted to the Serial podcast. All I did yesterday was podcast.  Ira Glass’s voice is now my inner monologue because I’ve caught up on so many episodes of This American Life.

So on the schedule today we have the How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal recaps, the Eva Mendes-Ryan Gosling baby name, Clooney and the nerds, and a few other posts thanks to Duana and Sarah. As for me, ready to work, excited to work, except I’ve been Feng Shui Blackmailed by my Ma, The Chinese Squawking Chicken, to rest another day because the eyes are the warehouse of luck and if you f-ck with your luck, it can mean your entire life.  So she’s insisting that I take another day even though I’m bored, bored, bored.  But…you can’t mess with your luck.

The good news is now that my eyes are stronger, the gossip will be too.  I’ll be back on Tuesday after Canadian Thanksgiving fully recharged. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours in Gossip,