Dear Gossips,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since it’s Thanksgiving in Canada, let’s start with an update on Justin Bieber’s penis. You’ll recall, JB’s lawyers confirmed that those were indeed pictures of their client’s penis while firing off a cease and desist to the NY Daily News last week – click here for a refresher. As of today, the NY Daily News has NOT removed the images. That’s how f-cking worried they are about JB suing them over his dick. Saturday Night Live wasn’t worried about it either because they also went to air with one of the JB cock shots during Weekend Update. By the end of the show, JB’s semi-bone was mentioned 3 times (maybe four, I dozed off during parts) during the broadcast.

So what have we learned here?

1. No one believes that Justin Bieber is all that pissed that his dick became a news story.
2. Threatening to sue is not the same as actually suing.

Yours in gossip,