Dear Gossips,

We’re in Montreal for another night. And tonight happens to be the Montreal Canadiens home opener. And we have tickets. And, well, while the Habs may not be your team - as it certainly isn’t mine - as a hockey fan, being able to attend this particular team’s home opener, with all that history... I think Jacek might actually pop a boner when we’re there.

A few of you have asked about where to stay in Montreal. I really wanted to stay at Hotel Zero 1 but they were booked out. Am told it’s contemporary and clean and - so far at least - still very affordable. (Thanks Theodora!) As for where to eat - ran into Jennifer D from Media Experts who’s a bit of a foodie last night at an event and she strongly recommended Chez l’Epicier so we’ll hit that up soon and a friend of ours keeps insisting on DNA for us. Old Montreal makes me feel like sneaking into a hole in the wall with low ceilings to settle into a corner with a very good but not fussy piece of meat, a nice bottle of wine, and some romance, you know what I mean?

If you’re in Vancouver - don’t forget to invite me over! In support of Covenant House Vancouver! Click here for more information about the day I’m coming to your place to pick up your donations. It’s for the holiday season. Please, if you are able, help us help our youth.

And over in England they’re trying to make it so that if Will and Kate have a girl before having a boy, the girl will still get to be Queen instead of having to stand aside and let her little brother be King. Imagine the bump scrutiny that will go down when an actual Heir, and not just a musical one, is being carried around? Sometimes I think that we’re getting to the point where we’ll only believe someone is pregnant if we see a high quality video of the baby crowning, and still some people will think the footage has been digitally altered. Thanks Nicole Kidman.  

Yours in gossip,