Dear Gossips,

I’m trying to figure out why Bruce Willis, who currently has nothing to promote, hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. It’s not like he just showed up at 11pm and read the cards. You spend several days there. You rehearse. You shoot the short films, the digital shorts, even though they’re not called digital shorts anymore.

The last time we heard from Bruce Willis he was being an asshole for no reason while promoting RED 2. Click here for a refresher. Then Sylvester Stallone called him a greedy, lazy f-ck.

Is because he came off like an asshole during that interview?

On Saturday Night, Willis was willing to be silly. He danced with boys. He dressed up like a centaur. He imitated Michael Kors who then graciously tweeted that he “never looked better”. I had to try to remember that Bruce was a dick. Is he still a dick?

So I guess if that wasn’t the reason he was on SNL, it was certainly a side benefit.


We’re here to give you a break from all the eating and family time.

Yours in gossip,