Dear Gossips,

At first I was all enough already with the going on about how it’d been 19 years since Christina Applegate hosted Saturday Night Live. But then I watched and, well, if that’s what happens when she hosts, maybe there should be more of her. Tech Talk is probably considered the sharpest of the sketches- click here to watch - but my favourite was Odysseus and the Sirens. Sudeikis’s face midway through Stay KILLS me.

Exactly a month from today, I will be sleeping outside for the night, on the pavement downtown, in support of Covenant House Vancouver as part of Sleep Out 2012. This is what homeless youth experience every day. Only for them, at 6am, they don’t get to brush it off and return to regular life. Sleeping on the street IS regular life. Which is what we’re trying to change at Covenant House Vancouver by providing shelter, food, support services, structure, guidance, and...perhaps most importantly... friendship.

On November 15th, during my night on the sidewalk, I’m hoping to raise enough money so that 54 kids can be safe and looked after at Covenant House Vancouver for an entire day -- that’s 54 young people in clean beds, 3 meals, counselling, care, and love for an entire 24 hour period. I know $11,000 is an ambitious goal. But when you consider that for that one night, 54 youth will be off the streets, it’s more than worth it, isn’t? Please click here if you’d like to support me! Many, many thanks in advance for your support!

Yours in gossip,