Dear Gossips,

Welcome back to those of you returning from the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada. If you’re here for Charlie Hunnam dropping out of Fifty Shades Of Grey, please scroll down to get caught up. We posted several new articles yesterday. Apologies for the delay on Homeland and Masters Of Sex. Due to the holiday, the newest recap will go up this morning.

If you’re pissy from eating too much dry bird – you will never convince me that turkey, especially the white meat, can ever be as juicy as real meat – how about some Ebola Paris Hilton to scare you off food for a while? I don’t watch Dancing With The Stars but it’s the top headline on this morning, something about a “shock in the ballroom”. Because Ebola was in the audience to support Christina Milian who delivered a strong performance, the best of the night, and STILL got voted off. See? Why don’t they believe? And why would anyone want to associate with that sh-t when there is no cure for it? Except for maybe the Giant Asian Hornet but even then I feel like it could go either way. 

Yours in gossip,