Dear Gossips,

I can’t stop listening to Taylor Swift’s new song Out Of The Woods. And it’s not even a hate-listen. It’s a want-listen. And I love the lyrics. For me, it’s this line:

“Like we stood a chance”

Maybe it’s because I’m so 80s.

Maybe because almost everyone I’ve ever dated was heinous. And I should have asked myself more often whether or not we were out of the woods. No, no, I should never have gotten INTO the woods.

Anyway, I’m sorry. It feels like I’ve done something wrong, paying $1.29 for the song. I feel like I’ve disappointed you. But still, I can’t stop listening. Is that meta in some way?

If you’ve not heard it yet – and you’ll soon not be able to escape it – click here for a preview.

My friend Amy emailed me this morning. The title of the message was “Parthenon marbles”. And inside she wrote:

“Did you ever think you would use that phrase on your blog?? I mean, gossip has basically changed forever because of Amal Clooney.”

For some reason, this gave me comfort.

Yours in gossip,