Dear Gossips,

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are co-hosting the Golden Globe Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember how excited you were about Ricky Gervais and he sh-t on your hopes? Remember how you secretly hoped Anne Hathaway and James Franco would be awesome together but instead, Franco predictably shrank from the stage like a coward, leaving Hathaway flailing her arms in compensation? Remember all the disappointment? Every time the disappointment?

I just...can’t conceive of a world in which Tina and Amy deliver disappointment. Am I a dumb bitch? More on Tina and Amy later.

Here’s the incomparable Maggie Smith with the delightful Dustin Hoffman (always and forever my best interview ever) last night at the London premiere of Quartet. According to Maggie, people are always shocked that she’s not actually a hundred years old, she just gets hired to play people that are a hundred years old. And that doesn’t make her want to commit suicide. Which... I mean... there’s a lesson to be learned here, right? Click here to read more about Maggie and her perspective on her work. You know they’re special when you can hear their voices in print and it makes you laugh really hard.

Yours in gossip,