Dear Gossips,

Here’s a tweet that had people talking this week – attached. More Oscar campaigning for James Franco’s performance in Spring Breakers. As I’ve previously noted, he was excellent in the film. Franco is a magnificent actor. And if Michael Fassbender doesn’t want to be Best Supporting Actor for 12 Years A Slave, fine. Franco can take on Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club).

Here’s a game that appeared on Flavorwire that also had people talking this week – Who Wrote It: James Franco or Jenna Jameson? Apparently it’s hard to tell the difference between Franco’s new book Actors Anonymous and Jenna Jameson’s new book Sugar. This is the synopsis for Sugar: 

“Fleeing Los Angeles and her scarlet past a former porn star returns to her New York roots hoping to lose herself in the crowded city streets, protected from the paparazzi's reach . . . or so she thinks. A chance encounter with a returned war hero--now prominent investment CEO--is the very last thing she wants or needs, or is it? When the handsome and deliciously kinky CEO shows her that there are other ways to satisfy her needs (and he knows all of them), she finds herself in the middle of a sexual awakening, a true romance and a happily ever after.”

I think I’d rather read Sugar than Actors Anonymous. See below the trailer for Actors Anonymous. I think I’d also rather watch Sugar than Actors Anonymous.

Yours in gossip,