Dear Gossips,


Finally listened to Episode 4 before bed last night which meant I didn’t go to bed because I spent the next two hours running through all the “inconsistencies” in my head. I think I might be more obsessed with Serial than I am with Game Of Thrones. It’s the mystery, of course, and the story, obviously, and yes, the inconsistencies, definitely. But, come on, part of why it’s so addictive too is that you think you might be able to crack this, non? Duana’s certainly trying to. She told me last night she’s about to put up a chart on the wall with push-pins and sticky notes like she’s a real investigator. Me, I’m much more disciplined about Serial than usual. Practically no googling. No additional research. I want to know…but I ONLY want to know from Sarah Koenig.

But this is the gift of friendship. Five years ago I was terrified and alone lying in a hospital room in France waiting for emergency surgery on a broken arm and Duana sent me several links, ordering me to read the Friday Night Lights recaps on Television Without Pity. Why am reading this if I’ve already watched the show? JUST READ is what she yelled back. And I did. And then it was morning and then they fixed my elbow.

As I mentioned last week – click here for a refresher - when I was paranoid and afraid about the laser eye surgery, it was Duana who forced Serial on me too. See, now I owe her. I thought I was ahead when I shoved Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give You The Sun in her face earlier this year but she’s just made a surge.

So, if you feel like shutting down this weekend, click here, start at Episode 1, and let me know if you’d like to join our support group.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,