Dear Gossips,

Just a few quick housekeeping matters: starting today new articles will be posted to the LifeStyle section without appearing on the homepage. Like Kate Beckinsale’s dress. Which I’m obsessed with. Only she forgot to tug before going onstage. And, also, Sasha’s advice and style features. Several new items will be added throughout the day, every day. Click here to access LifeStyle.

The Walking Dead premiered last night. Did you watch? Thank you for your emails and requests for recaps. The recap is ready and will also be posted today and, going forward, every Monday.

I’m also working on The Night Circus review since it’s now been a month that the book’s been available. That should be ready by the end of the week. Hurry up and finish!

Finally... a new riddle later too. Please check back often. It’s a heavy column today.

Yours in gossip,