Dear Gossips,

When the Lincoln trailer dropper earlier this month, a lot of people were declaring that everyone should just go home, that there was no way he wouldn’t be named Best Actor. Daniel Day-Lewis is still the early favourite but this week Denzel Washington (in Flight) seems to be coming on hard. Washington is a two-time Oscar winner. And they say that he’s never been as invested and vulnerable in a role as he’s been in Flight. Which is, curiously, what they’re also saying about DDL as Lincoln - that it’s the best performance of his career. Think about that, about DDL’s career. He too has two Oscars. And this time it’s better than all that before? Both of them? Well the Academy loves both of them a lot a lot a lot. Am kind of excited if it turns into DDL directed by Spielberg vs Denzel for Zemeckis for Best Actor. 

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,