Dear Gossips,

The Chanel SS2013 collection was presented in Paris today - click here to see the images in LifeStyle - and all the fashion people are going full Twi-Hard over the hula-bag. Supposedly it’s “intended for the beach” or meant to be carried around poolside. Rich people observe an entirely different threshold for looking like a dickhead.

Lindsay Lohan is pissed because police have dropped charges against a dude she claims tried to choke her ass. Apparently there was not enough evidence. There was more evidence against HER in the home burglary in August when she and her friends showed up at a party and some jewels went missing. There was more evidence against her last week when she allegedly ran into a dude with her car outside her hotel. Lohan has almost always benefitted from the “not enough evidence” thing. It must be really, really weird for her that this time it actually hasn’t gone in her favour.

Heading to Montreal today so I’ve pre-written everything early and if something breaks I’ll get to it as soon as I land.

Yours in gossip,


PS. It’s Thanksgiving this weekend (here in Canada)! How did that come up so fast? I wrote about Thanksgiving on the vitaminwater Tumblr. Click here to read.