Dear Gossips,

Have you read the Vanity Fair piece on Mia Farrow and her children yet? It’s been 20 years since the Woody Allen situation. For the first time, Dylan – who has since changed her name – talks about the alleged molestation incident and several of the other kids share how the scandal affected their family. The article also alludes obliquely to Allen’s supposed shady dealings with private investigators during the trial and subsequent appeals. Click here for a short preview but if you can, you should read the full piece in the print edition both for the sad smut and the fun smut.

The fun smut would be Farrow’s relationship with Frank Sinatra. She doesn’t deny that he might be the father of Ronan. I loved her description of how she went to Sinatra during the mess with Allen and what the Chairman of the Board did to help her when she was worried Allen might hurt her: he called a guy, you know? That’s just how he worked.

As you know, Liz and Dick are my jam. But Sinatra stories are always, always good too. I’ll never get bored of looking through photos of Truman Capote’s Black & White Ball, perhaps the most famous party of all time. Partly because it was thrown in honour of Kay Graham (and the way she writes about it in her Personal History – a book you have to read if you haven’t already) and mostly because I love imagining what it would have been like in New York back then, every proper socialite preening for an invitation, and all of them losing their white-mannered sh-t when Frank showed up with Mia. Oh, and the in-fighting. It’s Classic Gossip.

Here’s another dishy piece about the event if you have the time. Parties like that just don’t happen anymore which, ultimately, is what Truman wanted all along.

Yours in gossip,