Dear Gossips,

Order up a milk….chocolate… today. Because the future is the present. And you can be someone’s density. It’s October 21st, 2015! And hoverboards are (almost) real! Remember when you really, really wanted Michael J Fox to be your boyfriend. He looked so great in that puffy vest. Why don’t I have a red puffy vest?

OK enough. I won’t annoy you all day with Back To The Future. Instead, I’ll recommend a book. It’s called All Out by Emmy Award-winning journalist Kevin Newman and his son Alex Newman. It’s a joint memoir about their relationship. About how Kevin’s own struggle with self-confidence and feelings of inadequacy as a man affected how he parented Alex. About how Alex’s experience as a gay man affected his bond with his dad. And it’s a conversation about masculinity, how the expectation of conventional (arguably archaic) masculinity can often destroy identity. There are not enough books like this. Not enough books in which a guy like Kevin, a highly respected newsman, who’s supposed to be beyond reproach, calls himself out for his own intolerance and sanctimony out of love for his child and the desire to help other families become closer, more caring, and more inclusive. Click here for more information on the Newmans’ All Out.

Yours in gossip,