Dear Gossips,

You know how you know Brad Pitt’s Chanel ads really suck? And not because they were parodied on Saturday Night Live (which wasn’t that funny). I’ve yet to hear from a single enraged fan “how dare you-ing” for every time I’ve criticised it. Not even they can defend that sh-t.

What’s worse? A commercial you’re ashamed of or a role you’re ashamed of? I was stressed out all weekend about my TED Talk and my brain needed to be relieved. Maid In Manhattan was on on Saturday night. Perfect. Omg, I almost forgot -- what is Ralph Fiennes doing in that movie? There’s a scene where he takes JLo and her son to his favourite place in the park - having just met them five minutes ago - and pep-talks the kid into public speaking again and you can almost hear him reminding himself that he loves his house, and that living in it for the next 20 years is worth the artistic compromise. I think I can live with that. I think I might be able to live with that, or at least relate to it. But do you think Brad Pitt considers what he did for Chanel an artistic compromise?

Yours in gossip,