Dear Gossips,

A few weeks ago, Miranda Lambert dubsmashed Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood and posted it on Instagram. Last night she joined Taylor on stage in Greensboro as the surprise guest and together they sang Little Red Wagon. Miranda even wore a 1989 t-shirt.

Miranda was just in Calgary on Monday making up for a show that she had cancelled in July, you know, around the time she and Blake Shelton announced they’d divorced. The Calgary Herald gave her a great review. That was also the same day it was announced that she and Blake would perform at the Country Music Association Awards on November 4th. I don’t anticipate any obvious drama in front of or behind the camera. They’ve both made a point of taking the high road after the breakup. Like there’s not going to be a cutaway to Blake grinding his teeth…but it gives me an excuse to revisit this:

Yours in gossip,