Dear Gossips,

So they’re all ready to go with the Entourage movie. But Mark Wahlberg is pissed because some of the cast members are holding out for money. “Salary standoff” is the story. But…is it?

Maybe the story – or the question – should be: who actually wants to see an Entourage movie?

They keep comparing it to Sex & The City, also on HBO. To me, totally not the same. Sex & The City was almost a cultural movement. Is that how people think of Entourage? I mean it had its moment, sure. But, really, was it a movement? If Entourage was a movement for you, could you please let me know? For serious, no mockery. You need to enlighten me.

It’s Cambridge Christening day. ARE YOU EXCITED BECAUSE OMG BABIES??? I’m excited because OMG ROYAL BABIES! Photos will be posted as soon as they’re made available.

Yours in gossip,