Dear Gossips,

Hello from the other side…

My first order of business today was to buy Adele’s Hello. Then watch the video. It’s the theme song to the weekend. Last weekend I was predicting a Brange takeover. Turns out there has been a takeover…but it belongs to Adele.

As we found out yesterday, Hello was shot in Montreal, directed by Xavier Dolan. It’s a perfect partnership. If you’ve seen his film Mommy you’ll remember that there were several music montages, at least one to Celine Dion. Xavier loves women. And he ADORES a ballad.

Also… if only we could all be lit like this. Not like Adele needs a lot of help but holy sh-t, she is glorious in this video. And more theatrical than we’ve ever seen her. Did you know that she worried that no one would care? She’s been doing press all day and told the BBC that she had doubts about the promo that aired during The X Factor a few days ago, just a few bars of the song and the lyrics on the screen, and that maybe people wouldn’t know.

As IF.

No one’s fighting about Adele, right?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


PS. If you’re in Vancouver, I’m at the Vancouver Writers Fest this weekend for four events starting tomorrow, Saturday. The first is a conversation with Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl On The Train. Click here for more information.