Dear Gossips,

It was a busy weekend on the carpets - check the LifeStyle section which will be updated through the day for a quick hit of some of the highlights. Heavy column today, please check back often.

Had no plans on Friday night other than to watch Mimi present Dembabies to us on 20/20 and text Sasha at the same time for a play-by-play. Totally worth it. For both of us. Mimi is pure happiness. From the beginning of the interview, when she cuts her husband off because what she has to stay is more important, obviously, to the moment where he reveals that he was tasked with making sure her lighting was perfect during Dembabies’ delivery, while applause FOR THEIR MOTHER is the first sound they heard as they entered the world, as she dismisses the importance of an education because her children are “very musical”, these were 10 minutes of Mimi Magic that have since been added to her greatest hits right up there with Cribs. To say nothing of, now, naturally, my new favourite website. Dembabies are BEAUTIFUL. And it’s ok if Nick Cannon’s face is greasy and shiny, he is not the priority. David Beckham has Victoria to make sure he’s posed in the right position and powdered properly. In Mimi’s world, who gives a sh-t if the husband isn’t lit well? As long as her stomach looks flat while she’s bottle-feeding in a tight white t-shirt, what does it matter?

A small, small gripe though, if you will allow? comes with a welcome note from Mimi & Nick that opens:

We are so elated to finally be able to show you some pictures of the beloved additions to our family. They are Ms MONROE CANNON and MOROCCAN SCOTT CANNON aka Roc & Roe.

If Roc comes first in the “Roc & Roe”, please, dispense with the “ladies first” policy and list them in the proper order because otherwise, the “aka” isn’t actually accurate, is it? I’ve a feeling these things, they bother me more than anyone else.

Anyway, no one’s makeup has ever been as perfect as Mimi’s was in the delivery room.

Yours in gossip,