Dear Gossips,

I started the morning reading an excerpt on Deadline from Callie Khouri’s interview with Salon during which she adds her voice to the growing list of people who believe that TV (over film) is providing better and more interesting opportunities to program shows for women -- and not just of the cooking and makeup variety. Click here for the full Salon piece.

Khouri’s Nashville is one of the most well-received shows of the new season. She says she never, for a minute, considered doing it without Connie Britton. Britton or bust. Yes indeed. Britton or bust.

Only ...last week, ratings for Nashville’s second episode dropped almost 30%. No need to panic, not yet. It’s just...before it was like, well, people don’t want to watch a show about football when, as we know, the FNL devoted, that it wasn’t really about football, and now it’s all, well, people don’t want to watch a show about country music which, it’s not exactly all about country music either. Do you understand? I don’t understand. But then again, I guess it’s the same -- more viewers feel about Nashville the way I feel about Big Bang Theory: that show is consistently the most watched entertainment program on television and to me it’s totally unbearable.

Nashville episode 3 is on tonight at 10pm featuring a performance by the Stella Sisters (from Oshawa, Ontario!) as Rayna’s singing daughters.

Yours in gossip,