Dear Gossips,

The Hollywood Film Awards went down last night. Just 5 years ago in 2006, Lindsay Lohan received the Hollywood Breakthrough Award at this event. I’ve attached a few photos of her from that night. And now...  

This morning’s headline: Lindsay Lohan to pose nude for Playboy.

Nod your head. It not only makes sense, you were also waiting for it. Apparently she was pushing for a million. Hugh Hefner will give it to her. And she’ll use it to pay her mother and then go shopping. And soon it will be gone and she’ll come back to him and ask for another. And he’ll say well, the fee will have to drop. And in another year it’ll be straight up porn.

You know, people don’t usually pose for Playboy and go on to win Oscars. Remember when she said she wanted one before the age of 30? This is desperate, yes. It is pathetic, that too. But I don’t for a minute confuse desperate and pathetic, in her case, with sad. Not the asshole who somehow finds the time to spread her legs for the camera but can’t find value in volunteering at the Downtown Women’s Shelter.

More photos from the Hollywood Film Awards will be posted to LifeStyle throughout the day. Please check back often.

Yours in gossip,