Dear Gossips,

Many of you have been forwarding me the link to Justin Timberlake’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres this week to promote IN TIME. (At this writing, there are still no reviews for the movie.) JT talks about working with Ryan Gosling on The Mickey Mouse Club. He said they were roommates for a while and he graciously, ish, compliments his old friend:

"I think he's one of the best actors of our generation."

I wonder if this is the career Pip thinks he should have had. Every time Ryan Gosling excels in a role - so, like, every role - does Justin say to himself, “That coulda been me”?

I say the answer is yes. And that’s why he keeps trying. And hurting us.

Rebecca Hall is hurting me over in LifeStyle with what she wore to the premiere of The Awakening last night. Click here to see.

Yours in gossip,