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As you know Leah Remini has written a book. It’s called Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood And Scientology. There’s an interview on Friday with 20/20 which I’ve already set on my PVR. Not because I’m all that interested in her takedown of Xenu. But because…What’s Tom Cruise got to do with it?

Well, according to Tony Ortega, it was at Tom and Katie’s wedding where things started to go sideways for Leah and her relationship with Scientology. The problems began when she arrived late to the event (because she came with JLO and JLO’s bodyguards delayed their departure). And then when she didn’t see Shelly Miscavige there with David Miscavige she started asking questions. And then when she wanted to change the seating plan, everyone complained, even Kevin Huvane, who is not a Scientologist but who’s a boss at CAA and was embarrassed about Leah’s rudeness. So she got written up, officially.

It’s called a “Knowledge Report”. Say you’re a Scientologist and you’re hanging out with other Scientologists and you get drunk and talk some sh-t. Well, according to Ortega, they file a document on you. Like an HR complaint. Only HR complaints happen when you’re at work. Not when you’re WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

Anyway, the Knowledge Reports against Leah were submitted by several Church members at the wedding… including Katie Holmes who was pissed at Leah for disrupting her special day. This is what I’m talking about. This is where the gossip comes in. RoboKate! She was so immersed back then, so deeply embedded, that she was ratting out friends in the name of L Ron Hubbard. Which, when you look back, makes her escape that much more …everything, non? Maybe being a ninja and beating Xenu took everything out of her. Maybe that’s why she’s now so flat, again.

Click here to read Tony Ortega’s latest post. (Thanks Cococ!)

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