Dear Gossips,

I miss last week already. Last week, we sh-t on Justin Timberlake almost every day. Please let this be sustainable.

Oh weddings, babies, and Brange -- all guaranteed top sellers. Which is why everyone rushed to post the brand new Angelina + Children photos this weekend. It’s been a while. And, frankly, we could all use a palate cleanse after Brad Pitt’s Chanel fontrum. But don’t discount the timing either. We’re a month out from the release of Brad’s Killing Them Softly, timed strategically for awards season. Brange will be working in an official capacity on the carpets soon enough, and unofficially perhaps at the toy store and the family restaurant too. Not unlike the Afflecks who are playing that game beautifully. More on this later.

Please be careful during the storm...

Yours in gossip,